Title: Jubilee

Release: 1978

Rating: 6.1

Language: English

Country: UK

Runtime: 106

Genre: Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Music


Release 1978
Rating 6.1
Language English
Country UK
Runtime 106
Genre Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Music



From the distant 16th century, Queen Elisabeth I summons the spirit Ariel with the aid of the court's alchemist, the sage Doctor John Dee, to witness the appalling revelation of a dystopian London drowned in filth and plagued with crime. As a result, the Queen horrified with the vivid vision of a broken-down British Empire, asks to travel beyond the veil of time, some 400 years into the future, to see firsthand, that in this futuristic and horrendous new order, the capital is overrun by a corrupt police and that an autonomous vicious gang of punk guerrilla girls led by the new Monarch of Punk, Bod, has declared a multi-levelled open war. Now that Britain is practically a wasteland, where is her Majesty, the righteous Queen Elisabeth II?

Director :

Derek Jarman

Writer :

Derek Jarman

Actors :

... Queen Elizabeth I / Bod

... Crabs (as Little Nell)

... Amyl Nitrite

... Angel

... Sphinx