The Body

The Body

Title: The Body

Release: 2012

Rating: 7.6

Language: Spanish

Country: Spain

Runtime: 108

Genre: Mystery,Thriller

The Body

Release 2012
Rating 7.6
Language Spanish
Country Spain
Runtime 108
Genre Mystery,Thriller



In the middle of the night, a guard working the night shift at the morgue located deep in the woods has a terrible car accident, and as a result, he is now in a coma, suffering multiple skull injuries and fractures. But what made the guard panic and leave his post in the first place? Furthermore, according to the register, the body of Mayka Villaverde, a beautiful well-off businesswoman, is mysteriously missing from the morgue. Presumably, Mayka died of a heart attack, nevertheless, who signed the death certificate with the autopsy pending? In the end, when in forensic medicine the principle of: "every death is a homicide until proven otherwise" is a basic general rule, finding out who is behind this case shrouded in mystery is going to be an arduous task.

Director :

Oriol Paulo

Writer :

Oriol Paulo (screenplay), Lara Sendim (screenplay)

Actors :

... Jaime Peña

... Álex Ulloa

... Mayka Villaverde

... Carla

... Vigilante Ángel Torres

... Agente Pablo

... Agente Mateos