The Healer

The Healer

Title: The Healer

Release: 2017

Rating: 6.2

Language: English

Country: Spain, USA, Canada

Runtime: 113

Genre: Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance

The Healer

Release 2017
Rating 6.2
Language English
Country Spain, USA, Canada
Runtime 113
Genre Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance



Alec Bailey is a gambling, womanizing bankrupt electrical repairman who still is traumatized by the death of Charlie, Alec's twin's brother. Without a penny and almost in the poorness, Alec realizes a long-time stranded uncle Richard Heacock, a brother of his mother who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that accepts to solve Alec's money debts with one condition: that Alec moves Halifax by a year. Reluctant to the travel but threatened by a local pawnbroker, Alec accepts uncle Richard's propose. Therefore, when he arrives Halifax, discovers that the villagers believe that he is "The Chosen One", a man with the ability to heal all diseases, at the same time that Halifax's local Sheriff starts a procedure against Alec, in the belief that he's a fraud and he's cheating people. Trapped by a situation that little by little overpass him, Alec finds a friend in Cecilia, beauty and lovely local veterinary, discovering by Richard that all his ancestors are a long-time family of healers, which ...

Director :

Paco Arango

Writer :

Paco Arango

Actors :

... Alec Bailey

... Raymond Heacock

... Father Malloy

... Abigail

... Tom Ackhurst

... Priest