Alone in Berlin

Alone in Berlin

Title: Alone in Berlin

Release: 2016

Rating: 6.4

Language: English

Country: UK, France, Germany

Runtime: 103

Genre: Action,Drama

Alone in Berlin

Release 2016
Rating 6.4
Language English
Country UK, France, Germany
Runtime 103
Genre Action,Drama



In 1940, German soldier Hans Quangel is killed in action during the French campaign. His parents, Otto and Anna, are devastated by the loss and their bereavement is unmollified by the joyful hysteria at Germany's victory. Deciding that Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime are responsible for this tragedy and much more, Otto cannot stand by any longer. As such, Otto begins to create handwritten cards denouncing the regime's abuses and lies, which he secretly deposits throughout Berlin while a disillusioned Anna insists on helping him. As the subversive cards pile up over the years, police detective Escherich is tasked to track down the leafleteer while being pressured by his increasingly impatient SS superior for an arrest for this "treason," regardless of actual guilt. As the stakes rise even as Nazi Germany's day of reckoning approaches, Otto and Anna are determined to spread the truth regardless of the odds even as their opposition awaits the fatal mistake that could doom them.

Director :

Vincent Perez

Writer :

Achim von Borries (screenplay), Vincent Perez (screenplay), Bettine von Borries (collaboration on screenplay), Hans Fallada (novel)

Actors :

... Anna Quangel

... Otto Quangel

... Escherich

... Claire Gehrich

... Hans Quangel

... Herbert Wegner