Title: Allied

Release: 2016

Rating: 7.1

Language: English, French, German, Arabic

Country: UK, USA

Runtime: 124

Genre: Action,Drama,Romance,Thriller,War


Release 2016
Rating 7.1
Language English, French, German, Arabic
Country UK, USA
Runtime 124
Genre Action,Drama,Romance,Thriller,War



In the middle of World War II, in turbulent 1942, the fearless Wing Commander, Max Vatan, lands on the desert dunes of Morocco to meet with the skilful Parisian member of the French Resistance, Marianne Beauséjour. After a suicide mission in the heart of Casablanca, Max and Marianne will flee to England with plans on making a family; however, heavy clouds of distrust and suspicion will burden their relationship, when Max receives a shocking call from the Secret Service Division. In disbelief, with a terrible task in his hands and crushed under a devastating dilemma, Max must find the courage to seek for answers in the perilous streets of a bombarded London, regardless of the outcome. In the end, amid duty and love, who shall live and who shall die?

Director :

Robert Zemeckis

Writer :

Steven Knight

Actors :

... Max Vatan

... Marianne Beauséjour

... Frank Heslop

... S.O.E. Official

... Bridget Vatan

... Guy Sangster

... Emmanuel Lombard