Two for the Road

Two for the Road

Title: Two for the Road

Release: 1967

Rating: 7.6

Language: English, French, Italian

Country: UK

Runtime: 111

Genre: Action,Comedy,Drama,Romance

Two for the Road

Release 1967
Rating 7.6
Language English, French, Italian
Country UK
Runtime 111
Genre Action,Comedy,Drama,Romance



Married early thirty-somethings Joanna and Mark Wallace are making the three day drive from their home in London to St. Tropez for the unveiling of the lavish house Mark, a successful architect, designed for his wealthy clients, Maurice and Francoise Dalbret. Joanna and Mark are at a rough stage of their relationship, much of their conversation along the way centered on the possibility of divorce to end the farce they now consider their marriage. The macro ups and downs of their marriage are presented in previous road trips they took together in France, with each trip having its own micro ups and downs. The first was twelve years earlier when they met, he backpacking through the country, she traveling to a music festival with her all-girl singing group, with they ending up together purely by circumstance instead of Mark hooking up with Joanna's colleague, Jackie. The second was an impromptu trip which was supposed to be throughout the continent with Mark's ex-girlfriend, the former ...

Director :

Stanley Donen

Writer :

Frederic Raphael

Actors :

... Joanna Wallace

... Mark Wallace

... Maurice Dalbret

... Françoise Dalbret

... Cathy Manchester