Ghermanya - Germany in Ghana

Ghermanya - Germany in Ghana

Title: Ghermanya - Germany in Ghana

Release: 2016

Rating: 9.4

Language: English, German, Ewe

Country: Germany

Runtime: 84

Genre: Documentary

Ghermanya - Germany in Ghana

Release 2016
Rating 9.4
Language English, German, Ewe
Country Germany
Runtime 84
Genre Documentary



GHERMANYA is about Germany in Ghana. It shows various German influences: Traces of colonial past and christianization. Voluntary fire brigade from Buxtehude. Challenges in learning German. Schwarzwälder Schinken. An independent Volta Region that wants the Germans to rule again? Goethe Institut. A footballer whose visa applications got denied several times, but who is also a shopkeeper and sells German beer. Lidl. People who want to go to Germany and people who were in Germany before. Zickenflitzer. Traders and citizens who love Germany because of the fish there.

Director :

Johannes Krug

Writer :