The Lookout

The Lookout

Title: The Lookout

Release: 2012

Rating: 5.7

Language: French

Country: France, Belgium, Italy

Runtime: 89

Genre: Action,Crime,Thriller

The Lookout

Release 2012
Rating 5.7
Language French
Country France, Belgium, Italy
Runtime 89
Genre Action,Crime,Thriller



Chief Inspector Mattei and his team identifies bank robbers In Paris. They keep the group under surveillance and when they heist a bank, they are ready to arrest the criminals. However, the sniper Vincent Kaminski surprises the detectives and the gang escapes. Soon Mattei and his team arrest Vincent that does not accept to snitch his friends. When Vincent flees from the prison, Mattei hunts him down in a cat and mouse game and learns what happened to his son that died in Afghanistan.

Director :

Michele Placido

Writer :

Denis Brusseaux (screenplay), Cédric Melon (screenplay)

Actors :