Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Title: Julius Caesar

Release: 1953

Rating: 7.3

Language: English

Country: USA

Runtime: 120

Genre: Biography,Drama,History

Julius Caesar

Release 1953
Rating 7.3
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 120
Genre Biography,Drama,History


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Brutus, Cassius, and other high-ranking Romans murder Caesar, because they believe his ambition will lead to tyranny. The people of Rome are on their side until Antony, Caesar's right-hand man, makes a moving speech. The conspirators are driven from Rome, and two armies are formed: one side following the conspirators; the other, Antony. Antony has the superior force, and surrounds Brutus and Cassius, but they kill themselves to avoid capture.

Director :

Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Writer :

William Shakespeare (play)

Actors :

... Marc Antony

... Brutus

... Cassius

... Julius Caesar

... Calpurnia

... Portia