The Hustle

The Hustle

Title: The Hustle

Release: 2008

Rating: 4.4

Language: English

Country: USA

Runtime: 97

Genre: Comedy

The Hustle

Release 2008
Rating 4.4
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 97
Genre Comedy


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Disenchanted pest sprayer and single dad Freddie Manning is always trying to hustle a tiny bit more from his disappointing life when he suffers a series of setbacks that puts him in the unlikely position of his biggest hustle yet. It all starts when he falls upon a large sum of mob money, which Freddie and his cynical, naysaying best friend, Junior, lose in a crazy chase through the city. Freddie and Junior are left owing Asian crime boss Toshiba Ohara and his spicy daughter, Han, $10,000 ~ in seven days! The pair don't know what to do until they're mistaken for the Replacement Ministers expected at a struggling, run-down Baptist church during a pest call. They trade their Bug World outfits for minister robes and soon are inspiring the tiny but enthusiastic church into a fevered fundraising campaign. Freddie knows nothing about preaching, but his hilarious, straight-from-the-heart sermons seem to touch people and no one is more surprised than Freddie when his fake healings become real...

Director :

Deon Taylor

Writer :

Sarah Connolly, Diana Erwin, Deon Taylor, Candice Janeen Walker

Actors :

... Freddy Manning

... Mr. Wikes

... Rev. Isaac Montgomery Paid

... Nikki

... Junior Walker

... Rich Woman

... Biggman