Rich Piana Chronicles

Rich Piana Chronicles

Title: Rich Piana Chronicles

Release: 2018

Rating: 6.6

Language: English

Country: USA

Runtime: 98

Genre: Documentary

Rich Piana Chronicles

Release 2018
Rating 6.6
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 98
Genre Documentary



Rich Piana is a man known for having a personality as big as his massive physique. A bodybuilder who gained massive fame as a controversial YouTube personality, Rich Piana sadly passed away in 2017 due to heart complications. From the Director of "Generation Iron" the Rich Piana Chronicles documents a raw and uncut look into the final year of his life. Part tribute to his legacy, part revealing look into the man behind the persona - the Rich Piana Chronicles is an intimate look at a man who left a permanent mark on the fitness industry. Unfiltered. Uncensored. In his own words.

Director :

Vlad Yudin

Writer :

Vlad Yudin