Buddha's Little Finger

Buddha's Little Finger

Title: Buddha's Little Finger

Release: 2015

Rating: 5.5

Language: English

Country: Russia, Canada, Germany

Runtime: 84

Genre: Drama

Buddha's Little Finger

Release 2015
Rating 5.5
Language English
Country Russia, Canada, Germany
Runtime 84
Genre Drama



Unemployed Russian poet Pyotr Voyd arrested by KGB during the 1991 Soviet August Coup, by tortures he loses consciousness and appears in 1919 post-revolutionary Russia, where he fights on the same side with the legendary Red cavalry commander Chapaev and his machine-gunner Anka. The strange memory lapses all the time throw him to the bandits' Moscow of nineties, then to the Russian Civil War back and forth, again and again. Pyotr learns how long may raging two winds of changes simultaneously in the head of one and the same person.

Director :

Tony Pemberton

Writer :

Tony Pemberton (screenplay), William Jennings (screenplay), Marina Shron (screenplay), Saul Fussiner (screenplay), Viktor Pelevin (novel)

Actors :