School of the Damned

School of the Damned

Title: School of the Damned

Release: 2019

Rating: 0

Language: English

Country: UK

Runtime: 85

Genre: Thriller

School of the Damned

Release 2019
Rating 0
Language English
Country UK
Runtime 85
Genre Thriller


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When new teacher, Mr Middleton, leaves his inner city, London school and arrives at a British village to work at the local grammar, it doesn't take long for him to start feeling uncomfortable. The place is strange - students are extremely and unanimously well behaved, eerily unlike usual children of that age. The single difficult student is the new kid, Georgie, who is violently injured in a fight, even though the school is adamant, 'there are no fights here...' Mr Middleton is surprised to discover a very young student from a "special class" was responsible. The four kids in this class are - exceptional. Each forming a hive mind, that keeps the students and teachers in the school calm and focused thanks to the medication provided by an undercover government experiment. The result is that these socially under-developed children force any wrongdoers to pay for their actions with murderous results. When the deaths start being uncovered, Mr Middleton begins investigating and unravels a ...

Director :

Peter Vincent

Writer :

Philip Dyas

Actors :

... Abott

... Tony

... Ms Murphy

... Craig Russell

... Sarah