Requiem for a Killer

Requiem for a Killer

Title: Requiem for a Killer

Release: 2011

Rating: 5.1

Language: French, English

Country: France

Runtime: 91

Genre: Thriller

Requiem for a Killer

Release 2011
Rating 5.1
Language French, English
Country France
Runtime 91
Genre Thriller



Lucrèce is a contract killer in search of a new life. Specialized in the use of poisons and enamored with opera, she accepts a difficult, final hit in a castle in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Posing as a soprano, Lucrèce must perform on stage during the very prestigious Festival of Ermeux and slaughter one of her co-performers, British baritone Alexander Child, who recently bought a distillery in Scotland, and thus became the only obstacle to a strategic pipeline project with considerable financial ramifications. He just won a long legal battle against British Oil, who now has no other choice but to eliminate him. To complicate things, French counter-espionage learns of the hit and sends Rico, a reinstated former agent, to infiltrate the orchestra, unmask and terminate all who wish harm to Alexander Child. Rico has no information on the killer and has a lot of trouble identifying her amid a horde of suspicious characters: an obnoxious conductor, a particularly proud tenor and a ...

Director :

Jérôme Le Gris

Writer :

Jérôme Le Gris

Actors :

... Lucrèce

... L'Arménien

... Xavier De Ferrières

... Vittorio Biamonte

... Le Chef d'orchestre