Yama no oto

Yama no oto

Title: Yama no oto

Release: 1954

Rating: 8

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Runtime: 95

Genre: Drama

Yama no oto

Release 1954
Rating 8
Language Japanese
Country Japan
Runtime 95
Genre Drama



The businessman Ogata Shingo works with his son Shuichi, who is his secretary, and they live together in the suburb with their wives Yasuko and Kikuko respectively. Shuichi has a love affair and a loveless marriage with Kikuko. Yasuko has dedicated her entire life to her family but Shingo married her only because her older sister had died. Kikuko is the pride and joy of Shingo and they are close to each other. Out of the blue, Shingo and Yasuko's daughter Fusako leaves her husband and arrives at Shingo's home with her two children. Shingo investigates and finds the address of Shuichi's lover. Meanwhile Kikuko goes to the hospital and Shingo learns that she was pregnant but decided to abort her child.

Director :

Mikio Naruse

Writer :

Yasunari Kawabata (novel), Yôko Mizuki (adaptation)

Actors :

... Ogata Kikuko

... Ogata Shingo

... Otto, Shuuichi

... Tanizaki Hideko

... Tsuma, Yasuko

... Aihara Fusako