Nature Owl Power

Nature Owl Power

Title: Nature Owl Power

Release: 2015

Rating: 8.7

Language: English

Country: N/A

Runtime: 56

Genre: Documentary,Family

Nature Owl Power

Release 2015
Rating 8.7
Language English
Country N/A
Runtime 56
Genre Documentary,Family



For centuries, the mysterious nighttime lives and uncanny hunting skills of owls have made them fascinating hallmarks of children's stories and folk tales the world over. But what actually makes owls so special? Bird trainers Lloyd and Rose Buck and their very special family of owls, eagles, falcons, geese, pigeons, and two newly-hatched barn owls - Luna and Lily - provide a rare opportunity to learn more about these unique birds. Using the latest in camera technology, computer graphics, x-rays and super-sensitive microphones, we can take a brand new look at owls in more detail than ever before. The real stories behind how they hunt, how their vision and hearing works, and how they fly so silently are influencing 21st century technology and design.

Director :

Lucy Smith

Writer :