Brotherhood of the Wolf

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Title: Brotherhood of the Wolf

Release: 2001

Rating: 7.1

Language: French, German, Italian

Country: France

Runtime: 142

Genre: Action,Adventure,Drama,Horror,Thriller

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Release 2001
Rating 7.1
Language French, German, Italian
Country France
Runtime 142
Genre Action,Adventure,Drama,Horror,Thriller



In 1764 something was stalking the mountains of central France. A 'beast' that pounced on humans and animals with terrible ferocity. Indeed they beast became so notorious that the King of France dispatched envoys to find out what was happening and to kill the creature. By the end, the Beast of Gevaudan had killed over 100 people.To this day, no one is entirely sure what it was, a wolf? a hyena? or something supernatural? The Beast is a popular myth in France, albeit one rooted firmly in reality; somewhat surprisingly it is little known to the outside world, and perhaps incredibly it has never been made into a movie. Until now. Based on the true story of the Beast of the Gevaudan that terrorized France in the eighteenth century, the movie aims to tell first and explain afterwards. In the first part, a special envoy of the King of France, altogether biologist, explorer and philosopher, arrives in the Gevaudan region, in the mountainous central part of France. The Beast has been ...

Director :

Christophe Gans

Writer :

Stéphane Cabel (original scenario), Stéphane Cabel (adaptation), Christophe Gans (adaptation)

Actors :

... Grégoire de Fronsac

... Jean-François de Morangias

... Marianne de Morangias

... Thomas d'Apcher

... Le Comte de Morangias